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Manilkara Zapotilla Tree Sap 

Amazing Features & Benefits

Extraction System of Chicle Tree Sap

This is a sustainable social and ecological activity on Jungles.

The sap has function to store and distribute with an optimum system the natural nutrients in tree body.

Scientifically is considered to be the perfect delivery system in dosed way,

For all the sweeteners, flavors, herbal extracts, including functional and pharma actives

Either in liquid or powders. Integrated in chewing gum formulations. 

Is a Special Characteristic of the sapotaseas tree sap.

This is mainly due to an special and unique molecular structure of:

Natural isoprenes mixed with

Cis and Trans Configuration. 

integrated with short chain and branches.

That are intertwined with Luperol Resin Types.

What provides, to chewing gum types

With high-good porosity, large resilience, texture and softness.

Makes a great comparative difference,  

with other natural elastomers, as they are : 

Hevea  Rubber, Balattas, Jelutong, Gutta, Sorva, Tunu Trees.

Natural Chicle Gum Base,

Is the best and only substitute for resins, elastomers and synthetic polymers.

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Benefits & Advantages 

AB Natural Base SA CV   Mexico    Ph: 52 55 5652 1839

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