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With more than 30 years of operation it distinguishes us.
As the only company that manufactures:

Natural Chicle Gum Bases

Considered in: 

World confectionery market

The Best Chewing Gum Bases 

Chicle gum base types
Chicle gum base types

SF-010 SF-020 CN-030 CN-040 PW-060 SF-Pharma

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Chicleros Jungles
Chicleros Jungles

Operation Places Peten Jungle Centroamerica Jungle Amazonia Jungle

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Chicle Zapotillas Tree
Chicle Zapotillas Tree

Genus: Manilkara Family: Sapotaceae Sub-family: Sapotoideae Specie Types Achradelpha Mammosa, Achra Mammosa, Achras Zapota Achras Sapotilla, Calocarpum Mammosa, Lucuma Mammosa, Manilkasa Anchras, Manilkara Zapota, Pauteria Zapota.Manilkara Bidentada Manilkara Zapotilla , Anchras Balata.

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Natural Chicle Gum Base

Using as main raw material the chicle tree sap. 

Keeping process original of transformation developed by:

" Mayan Culture "

More than two thousand years ago.

Conjugate to the adaptation and implementation of

New technologies in our manufacturing facilities.

Allows us to offer: 

Innovative, Biodegradable, Eco-Friendly & Healthy Products

Giving amazing benefits and features to all chewing gums.

Complying with:

Food International Quality Standards


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